Voyager Digital to Officially Begin its Operations in Europe

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TL;DR Breakdown

  • After a thorough review, Voyager Digital has a declaration of “Fit and Proper” to run under its LGO registration. It’s the first time a non-Europe, non-France company has this honorable designation.
  • It is the first time a non-Europe, non-France company has this honorable designation.

After a thorough review, there is confirmation that Voyager Digital company., their wholly-owned secondary LGO Europe SAS, and their leadership team are “Fit and Proper” for registration.

“We are so happy to say that our platform is approved for use in Europe! It’s an honor, and it sets us apart from other companies. We’ll continue doing what we do best- meeting the needs of customers everywhere with quality products they can trust.” The CEO and the voyager Co-founder, Steve Ehrlich, said. “In this honor, we’re a major step closer to bringing the Voyager app and product suite into European clients. And maintain our vision of building it into an internationally recognized finance company that offers KYC compliant solutions along with fiat on-ramps in over twenty currencies! We plan for primary launch late March 2022–which will reach certain countries within Europe only at first glance.”

“This is fascinating news. I’ve been waiting for a new player in Europe and the global crypto-asset market. Thus, Voyager Digital has just come up on the radar. The company will be based out of France, which means it can take advantage of all that great legal framework we have here too.” Added Pierre Person of the Assemblee Nationale.

“We have a very long waiting file of European clients who are fondly anticipating the launch of this app,” said Lewis Bateman, Chief International Officer, Voyager. “We love serving our crypto customers because we know they are global. That means delivering Voyager Digital quality access to a broader customer segment is very exciting for us.”

Voyager closed the merger with LGO in 2020 to create an AMF-regulated entity. Which in turn allows for direct control over Europe and compliance in all aspects of security precautions or marketing strategy.

About the Voyager Digital

Suppose you’re looking to invest your money in the crypto world. And you are wondering where or how? Voyager may be just what you need. They offer both mobile apps and online trading platforms, so it’s easy as could be! With over 60 different cryptocurrencies available on their exchange platform, more being added all of the time by popular demand from users around the globe, there truly is something here that will suit any investor’s needs. Plus, they offer up to 12% annual returns, which can add some substantial dough into one account every year if managed correctly.

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