Reddit joining the NFT Movement Has Been a Long Time Coming

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Reddit is the latest in the long list of social media platforms, trying to delve into the world of NFTs. However, for those who really know, this was always going to happen.

Many other social media platforms, most notably Facebook, Twitter and TikTok have been working tirelessly in a bid to support NFTs, if not even compete with some of these major marketplaces. And now Reddit is finally towing in their footsteps.

On Friday, social media platform Reddit looked to be recruiting workers as it prepares to join the obviously trending NFT movement.

Although it wasn’t so much an official statement that let the cat out of the bag, the news broke on the heels of a Greenhouse job posting.

According to the job posting, Reddit is looking for a senior backend engineer for a platform that would be responsible for “millions of users to create, buy, sell and use NFT-backed digital goods.”

Reddit Always Had It Coming

For starters, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, who is also the husband of Serena Williams is actually an unapologetic fan of Ethereum and NFTs. He even once wore a cryptopunk NFT that he bought for his wife to the MET Fashion Gala.

For many years too, Reddit continued to act as a medium for bringing crypto users together, with its platform’s subreddits being greatly responsible for pumping prices of tokens including the Dogecoin (DOGE).

Now, while some crypto exchanges have been slowly launching their own NFT marketplaces, social media platforms too have gradually been working to support the technology as well. As a matter of facts, it sure looks like OpenSea might soon have a big competition, if it doesn’t already.

Social media giant Facebook had suggested its own Novi wallet would likely support NFTs. Twitter also stated back in September, that it was working on allowing users to use NFTs as their profile picture.

As Reddit said, the NFT movement really, has only just begun.


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